Our most popular tour! The Arenal Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Americas. From our observation point, you will feel the ground tremble and see the night sky explode with ash and lava in a natural display of fireworks. Next, we will visit the hot springs of the volcano, where you can relax in the soothing waters and be caressed by the cool night air while observing the stars and the incredible night sky above the volcano. At a convenient time after your arrival, we will treat you to a splendid dinner.  This is absolutely an evening you will not want to miss in Costa Rica!
On this tour we will also visit the town of Sarchí, well known for the beauty of the handcrafts that they produce.  (Lunch and dinner included).
Suggested Equipment: swimsuit, comfortable walking shoes (if there is good weather), sweater, insect repellent, and a towel (optional).


Experience the full explosion of excitement which is the thrill of white water rafting!. The scenery while rafting is just marvelous. The vegetation that will surround you plus the power of the waters will transport you into a great wild adventure.
The equipment will be given, and a specialized guide will instruct you on how to manage yourself into the strong currents of the river. (Breakfast & lunch included).
Suggested Equipment: camera, sandals, sunscreen, towel, extra clothing.



The Poás Volcano is one of the world's largest geysers with an awesome crater, over 1.5 km. wide! The volcano is active, but completely safe for viewing. This tour begins with a beautiful drive through the lush coffee plantations and flower farms of the area. In addition to the volcano, the Poás National Park is a 9,884-acre reserve with rich tropical vegetation and animal life. The tour includes a hike through the surrounding forest that is teeming with typical plant life and exotic birds. The hike concludes at a restful, emerald green, tropical lagoon.
Suggested Equipment: Sweater, camera, binoculars, comfortable shoes, rain coat.



Early in the morning we will leave the busy city and head up to the mountains surrounding our Central Valley. Along the way you will be able to drive by some typical Costa Rican Towns and enjoy the variety of vegetation, and the scenery of coffee fields and ornamental plants. As we ascend you will experience the climate changes, a common characteristic of our country.
The canopy Tour is a once in a lifetime experience, consisting of sliding in a cable between platforms over the forest. The total length of the wires is more than 2 kms. between 12 platforms. The San Lorenzo Canopy has one of the longest cables in all Central American Canopies with a little more than 700 meters long.
During the tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the valley and the tropical forest, while you enjoy our two groups of cables: The Forest and the Adventure Cables.
Finishing the tour, after a short walk to La Gran Vista Restaurant, enjoy a delicious lunch and a great view.
Suggested Equipment: Camera, light clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, repellent.



We begin our journey driving by the monument "El Agricultor" and the Juan Santamaria International Airport. During the drive you will begin to feel at home in Costa Rica as we enter the City of Alajuela, with the second largest population in the country. The city of Alajuela is proud to display the monument of our National Hero "Juan Santamaria". While appreciating the history of the monument, not far away is the well-known park of "Los Mangos" and the old military headquarters which has been transformed into a museum and school of technical teaching.
As we continue our drive north, we begin to observe the vast difference between the construction of city homes to the ones that encompass the green countryside. These homes are surrounded by strawberry farms, huge ferns, and flower plantations, which compliment the massive coffee fields.
We now begin our assent to the national park where we will soon relax and enjoy an authentic cup of Costa Rican coffee accompanied by a delicious tropical breakfast.  You will feel a change in temperature and the lush vegetation becomes apparent, preparing us for the pleasures of the exuberant cloud forest of the Poás Volcano.  On a clear day the view of the main crater is admired by all visitors, with its diameter is considered one of the widest in the world. After this we will enjoy a quick hike on a trail which leads us to the Botos Lagoon (an extinct crater), where many different ecosystems exist and where some of the many species of flora and fauna of this cloud forest can be observed.  After leaving the National Park we will be able to observe some dairy farms which have become the pride of Costa Ricans, due to the quality and the rich tasting products that are currently being exported to several other Latin American countries.
As we continue towards the Caribbean zone, we will stop to discover La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a Nature Park where we will walk on the truly spectacular trails that will lead us to Magia Blanca Falls (the largest and the most spectacular of the falls in the area). At the Park you will also witness the largest enclosed butterfly observatory in the world with a beautiful collection of tropical jewels.  After a terrific lunch we will continue to Sarapiquí and on our way we come across the La Paz Waterfall, where we take some time to enjoy the splendid view.  Less than a mile away we will encounter yet another waterfall surrounded by virgin forest, which becomes a great photo opportunity
As our journey continues we have the pleasure of observing the unique characteristics of the Atlantic area. We come across quaint towns and farmhouses that are encompassed by beautiful pineapple, yuca, coco, and heart of palm plantations. One could never miss the tropical plants that enhance this picturesque view. Once we arrive at Puerto Viejo (Old Port), we will be ready to enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the Sarapiquí River, just sit back and observe the wildlife that is around you.  The monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, and the variety of birds will allow you to relax and concentrate on the scenery. During the boat ride our guide will also explain to us about life style of the friendly people that live at the river margins. Before returning to San Jose we will drive through the unforgettable rain forest of Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the most important rainforest reserves for Costa Rica.
INCLUDES: Breakfast, visit to coffee fields, Poás Volcano National Park craters and cloud forest trails, Botos Lagoon, visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and all its natural wonders, La Paz, Magia Blanca and San Fernando Falls. lunch, jungle ride on the Sarapiquí River, visit to a butterfly and tropical frogs garden, snacks, and sightseeing the 45,899 ha. Braulio Carrillo National Park.
Suggested Equipment: Hat, light jacket, raingear, walking shoes, insect repellent, binoculars, and camera.





When you think about Costa Rica, you probably imagine lush tropical Rain Forests, flowing white rivers, spectacular waterfalls, birds, butterflies and flowers.
At La Paz Waterfall Gardens, you will see all that and more.
Waterfall Gardens is open year round from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. With over 3.5 kilometers of walking trails, it is recommend a minimum of 1 1/2 hours reserved for your stay. However, if you would like to see every trail and thoroughly enjoy the time spent in the Butterfly Observatory, Hummingbird Gardens and their new bird watching areas, you will probably want to stay the whole day.

Joaquín Chaverri handcrafts, Sarchí
In the small country town of Sarchi, you can find the very best Costa Rican oxcarts and handmade crafts. Chaverri is one of the largest and most frequently visited oxcart factories, better known as the "Joaquín Chaverri Oxcart Factory". Chaverri opened in 1902 and is recognized as the birthplace of oxcart construction in Costa Rica.

With the regions most complete supply of oxcart designs, in all colors, shapes and sizes, this factory/handcraft shop is the most frequently visited by those touring Sarchi. Situated on the town's principal road, the store also contains a very thorough inventory of other handcrafts and items such as elaborately painted bowls, trays, natural wood serving utensils, jewelry boxes and chests. Just outside the rear section of the store one can watch the artisans handpainting the oxcarts.



Doña Ana Beaches, Puntarenas
Doña Ana beach near the mouth of the Río Barranca is popular with surfers. Its small size, vegetation, scenery and tourist facilities make Doña Ana an ideal place to enjoy the ocean. Doña Ana beaches stretch along Puntarenas’ entire coast between the mouth of the Río Barranca and the place known as La Punta ("The Point"), where this extensive length of shoreline ends. The area between the wharf (Cruise Ship Terminal) and La Punta is the preferred place for swimmers, better known as Doña Ana beach.
Only 15 minutes away from Doña Ana beach awaits the center of Puntarenas and you will find running parallel to this stretch is the Paseo de los Turistas ("Tourist Strip"), with its numerous restaurants, hotels, bars and other services. As a place of relaxation and leisure, Puntarenas offers food and drink typical of the area, especially delicacies from the sea. The ceviche from the local market and available in restaurants and hotels is famous. Besides swimming, visitors can enjoy other water sports and activities, such as boat tours. Parades, seaside concerts and many other recreational activities create an ideal environment for sharing culture with the people of Puntarenas. The carnival takes place in February, during the dry season—perfect weather for enjoying the beach and all the carnival’s events.


Le Monastere & The Cava
Le Monastère has three atmospheres:
The romantic bar at the entrance, where you are treated to a magnificent panoramic view of the Central Valley , with subtle music that floats in the air, performed live on a magnificent grand piano. "...Le Monastère is a complete entertainment destination devoted to pleasing gourmet palates. The experience is worth it, the view simply unforgettable..."
The restaurant, with its impeccably set tables and its excellent menu, offer the best of french cuisine, served with a smile by hosts attired in 19th century french monk frocks. To experience this delight it is recommended to reserve in advance. Upscale attire only.
The Cava, a small intimate cellar converted into a warm and inviting bar and grill. With live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, many diners choose to come downstairs for song and merry cheer. Casual attire and no reservations necessary.
The buildings of Le Monastère had been in ruins and abandoned for over twenty years, overrun by growth.  But time only improved on the old Chapel, now renovated and often filled with gregorian and classical music, affords you a unique opportunity to imagine secluded life in these walls fifty years ago. The Chapel is still used for religious services, mostly weddings, usually performed in the mornings and reserved for those wishing to enter into a dream.


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